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See how musician Esani Dey uses Everyday Planner to stay organised !

Whenever I get calls or emails for some shoots , gigs , concerts , shows etc firstly I write it down to my planner book time to time and Date to Date . To say it in a scrutinised way , I put on tags or bookmarks of my concert dating or gig dating . As I am in 12th std , it also keeps me reminded about my test or exam dates or what to study which subject to study etc .


What does your friends think about your Everyday planner ?

Well , they loved it . I mean it even looks beautifully internally and externally! Also  most importantly , according to me Planner Book is the best book for a musician & working artist.

Do your carry your planner with you everywhere?

I don't carry it everywhere , I keep it at my studio.

Why Everyday planners ?

See smartphones are the most commonplace. Switching to an Android or an Apple App seemed like the logical next step.The idea of carrying around a pencil and notebook seemed simply absurd. But now I find myself inundated with notifications, beeps, alerts, and messages. Having to open another tab, fire up another piece of software, or launch another app to access my calendar amounts to one more on-screen thing vying for my attention. With so much of my work dedicated to a computer and mobile , sometimes the most helpful thing can be to take a breath and walk away.Suddenly a paper planner starts to make sense.! Then slowly I thought lets switch from a smartphone to a paper , which is the "PLANNER BOOK" .


Meet Esani Dey 

At the age of three when normally kids are used to playing with dolls and lullabies the only genre of music they hear or understand, But Esani Dey grew up playing with Guitars and listening to Jazz music and sounds of Guitar and Carnatic music played by their parents Sujoy Dey, a prominent bass guitarist and Romia Dey who is a trained classical singer.  Esani is 15 and is at their little age of musical career has already performed with big shots like A R Rahman, Louiz Banks, Ranjith Barot, Sunidhi Chauhan, Daler Mehendi, Kailash Kher, Mika Singh and many more. Esani got featured as the youngest musician in fame from India.




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